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Why the hell I can’t see my bolg on fb…

Just wondering…

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King of Chinese pop-Jay Chou!

    No one will deny that the world’s “King of  pop” is  Michael Jackson,but in China there is another king of pop as well and his name is Jay Chou. He started to fall in love with music when he was 10,he learned how to play piano. After that he began to write his own songs,he used to write 30 songs in 10 days in order to get a chance to release his own album.

     Now he’s also an actor,director and host. His latest movie Green Hornet can be found in any theater all over the world,and his own TV show “Mr.J Chanel” is also popular in China. Most of all,Chou has been a spokesperson for popular brands such as Pepsi (2002–2007), Panasonic (2001–2005), Motorola (since 2006), M-Zone/China Mobile (since 2003), Levi’s (2004–2005), Deerhui (sporting goods, since 2003), and Metersbonwe Group (casual wear, since 2003), Colgate (2004–2005), popular computer game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (2002), science and nature magazine National Geographic (2005).  No doubt,Jay Chou is the biggest star of China now.

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Love for T-Mac

      Tracy Lamar McGrady (born May 24, 1979, in Bartow, Florida) is an American professional basketball player  He is seven-time All-Star, he also led the league in scoring in 2003 and 2004. McGrady is playing  for the Detroit Pistons now.


    The biggest moment of him may be the famous “13 points in last 35 seconds” when he was palying against  San Antonio Spurs,December 12, 2004. In that game he scored 33 points including the last 13 points of Huston Rockets to defeat Spurs 81:80. That is the most impressive play that I’ve ever seen and makes a big fan of T-Mac till now.

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Hotpot,you should definitely try it!

     Hotpot is originally from China 2000 years ago. People put soup in a big pot and boil the soup,after that you can put everything you like in the soup base to cook them. You can make your soup base either spice or non-spice. Since it’s called “Hotpot”,most people-including me will go for the spice one.


    Now days hopot is loved by people all over the world,you can find a hotpot restaurant to to even here in Ottawa.The one her is call “Little Sheep”,I used to work there for more than one year and 70% of our customers are local customers. You may also want to give it a shot next time when you pass by!

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Hello world!

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